Affordable & Best Commercial cleaning


Office Cleaning

A complete office cleaning solution, customized according to your need. We work as per your convenient time without disrupting the workflow. Our service includes
  • Floor mopping
  • Window screen washing
  • Patios pressure cleaning
  • Cobweb removals
  • Switches and switchboard cleaning
  • Disinfecting sensitive areas like cafeteria and washroom
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University Cleaning

Cleaning larger areas is the toughest job. We do it with absolute perfection, without cutting corners, with special attention to the remotest areas. Our service includes.
  • Green and germ-free cleaning of classrooms and hallways .
  • Specialized de-contamination for cafeterias and washroom
  • Cleaning and disinfecting amenities
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning for patio and car park cleaning
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Child Care Cleaning

Eco-friendly service for wiping out cute little fingerprints, food-leftovers, funny wall-arts. This is more than a job; it is our responsibility to child-proof the entire zone. Our service includes
  • Eco-cleaning and disinfecting classrooms and hallways
  • Floor mopping and wall washing
  • Anti-microbial cleaning for kitchen, canteen and loos
  • De-ordouring toilets and maintaining washroom amenities
  • Window cleaning
  • Extensive cleaning for patios and car parks
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Medical Centre Cleaning

We not only provide spotless cleaning but also ensure a healthy and germ-free environment for the staffs and the patients. We have bespoke cleaning solutions for every client. Our service includes
  • Colour-coded cleaning program to prevent cross contamination
  • End-to-end cleaning of waiting rooms, lobbies and reception
  • Disinfecting high-risk areas like sinks, toilet seats, doorknobs, dispensers and faucets
  • Extensive cleaning of patios, windows and car parks
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We clean the builder's mess for all our commercial clients. So if you are thinking about renovating your office, don't worry about the clearing the clutter. We'll do it for you. Our service includes
  • Threshold clearing
  • Paint removal from floors, walls and windows
  • Micro-dusting floors
  • Inside-out cleaning of basins, showers, toilets and tubs
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Whether you need high-rise window cleaning or “one-off” cleaning; we are always here to help you. Our service ensures
  • Comprehensive glass and window cleaning
  • Professional window cleaners
  • Latest cleaning equipments
  • Timely and qualitative service
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We offer 4 stage commercial carpet cleaning for the best possible solution. We offer ongoing cleans as a part of a schedule of cleaning maintenance or “one off” jobs. Our service ensures
  • High-end commercial carpet cleaning
  • Specialized carpet cleaners
  • Timely service
  • Latest equipments and water-efficient cleaning methodologies
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Vinyl Floor Strip and Sealing

If your floor looks old and grumpy, we are here to put it right. We offer complete stripping and sealing of vinyl flooring for all commercial areas. We ensure that your flooring has a nice glossy texture without the slippery feel. We offer
  • Proper and systematic stripping and cleaning of the vinyl flooring
  • Perfect sealing service for the absolute mirror finish
  • Ideal glossy finish that extends the life of your flooring, prevents re-soiling and makes it easily cleanable
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Pressure Cleaning

We help you maintain your property with our finest pressure cleaning techniques so that you need not shell out on its repair. Our service include
  • Pressure washing patios and wide external stretches
  • Water jetting dirt and grim
  • Gum and sticky paint removal from walkways and car parks
  • Building exterior cleaning
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Amenity Specialists

We pride ourselves of being the best hygiene specialist in the arena of the commercial cleaning. We do not only clean your premises but also ensure that all amenities are clean and hygienic. We offer
  • Hygienic cleaning of office amenities
  • Proper disinfection of high-risk areas like doorknobs, handles, dispensers or faucets
  • Apt maintenance of office and washroom amenities
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Washroom Suppliers

We offer a complete range of washroom supplies at a very reasonable price. We ensure that all the washroom amenities are always at hand. We offer
  • High quality washroom supplies for offices and commercial areas
  • Reasonably priced products
  • Trusted brand names
  • All type of washroom supplies at one place
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