Do your guarantee your work?

Yes, absolutely. We aim at 100% client satisfaction. When you pay for quality, we ensure that quality is what you get.

How do I get started?

You can drop a mail or call us. Our expert will visit your premises for a free survey to understand the cleaning requirement and come up with your customized cleaning plan.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Entering in long time contracts are not mandatory. It entirely depends upon your requirement. We cater to all types of cleaning requisition,both one-off and long term.

Are your employees trained?

Yes, all our employees undergo a through training in commercial cleaning before they are hired.

Do your employees undergo background checks?

Yes, all our employees undergo a complete Police screening to ensure their reliability.

Do your provide insurance to your employees?

All our employees are optimally covered against occupational accidents while working onsite. They are also trained for maintaining complete safety and identifying the probable risk involved in their job.

What is your timing?

We work accordingly to your schedule. You are required to inform about the time that you prefer. We can schedule the cleaning process even after the business hours to avoid disturbing the work flow.

Does your cleaning involve all type of floor cleaning?

Yes, we offer different types of floor cleaning.We have specially designed equipment for end-to-end cleaning.

How good are you on Green cleaning?

We offer comprehensive Green cleaning for all commercial complexes. All our cleaning agents are eco-friendly containing non-toxic ingredients.

Do you supply washroom essentials as well?

Yes, we do. We supply washroom essential or consumables for your washroom at a very competitive rate.